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Weekly update another music pack

Weekly Update: Another Music Pack So this week I have been working on a new asset pack for Music which is a selection of speakers and guitar cabs. With each pack I try to do something new, learn a new skill or better the current skills I have learnt. In this case I have been working on my UVS by making them as clean as possible and also my trimsheet’s/Tilling textures to improve visual quality and also performance inside unreal. I have also been doing a lot on the website including Search Engine Optimization, Marketing and working on some free assets for unreal and unity which I hope to build up into a library to help support more people! In addition, I will be uploading some more quick videos to Youtube for Unreal engine this week as well as my first Indie game dev interview with Bit Botz Games, so be…

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Wesbite Updates Live

NEW WEBSITE UPDATES LIVE After a week of trial and error I have finally finished the updates on the website. I have moved to new servers for faster speeds and also a new layout to help people find what they are looking for quicker. Also added is a newsletter so If you haven’t already be sure to sign up for exclusive deals, content and more. In the near future I will start adding free assets to. These will be assets that maybe didn’t quite make the cut or feel right to me but will no doubt be useful for someone else…plus they are free so its a win for everyone. If this proves successful I may look at providing a patreon or buy me a coffee type thing which will in turn encourage me to create more freebies and also support me! So sign up to that newsletter and getting following 🙂 Add to…

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Welcome To My Blog

Welcome to my new blog! Hello I’m Joe! So I have decided to setup a blog for 3DAssetLibrary. Why you may ask? Well I want to do it for a few reasons: 1 – To keep people up to date on what I’ve been doing regarding 3D work and asset packs in addition to youtube videos and more 2 – I want start interviewing Indie game dev’s who are just starting out or are in deep in development to help them push their games. get more followers, keep them motivated or inspire new game dev’s to start creating. I also want to do this as I’m helping support those who support me by buying from my website or marketplaces (just to be clear though interviews aren’t based off of if they have bought from me or not, they cover everyone!) 3 – To explain to people how I may have created certain…

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