Help Files

Below is a help files relating to the asset packs I make. Although not all asset packs are the same the support files will cover the same principles for each pack.

If you get stuck please feel free to contact me via the CONTACT FORM or join my DISCORD channel and I will be happy to help

Changing Asset Colors

This will show you how to change the asset colors on my packs via the material instances. This is common among most unreal packs in general

PDF – Changing The Color Of Assets Via Material Instance’s 

Creating Buildings Using Asset Pieces (Prefabs)

A lot of asset packs contain buildings created from pieces of other assets (Walls, Windows, Doors etc) this is called a prefab. Below I show you the basics of using my assets to create a prefab.

Simple Foliage Movement

I try to include foliage movement in all my packs but for those packs that are lacking this here is a short video explaining a simple way of doing this