Interview 209Bismuth - aion

Today’s interview is with game dev 209bismuth for their game Aion. I will be conducting these quick interviews to help support small Indie Dev’s and also inspire new ones to hopefully help them on their journey to creating their first game! If you would like to be interviewed please feel free to contact me!

What is the name of your current game your working on?


Game dev / Studio Name or Names?


Game Genre?

Open World Rpg

Tell Everyone A Bit about your game & How did you come up with the idea?

My game is open world rpg with an emphasis on time manipulation. The location is based in a world that is fractured by time and you can learn to use that to find a way back home.

I started game development during my lockdown as I had so much time on my hands and thought about what I was supposed to be doing instead of being stuck inside. So instead of regretting my situation I used it to focus on building a game where time was fixed.

What platforms are you planning to release on?


What inspired the art direction and feel of your game?

The art style was based on part by a game called slime ranger. It has a bright simple Colour palette and low poly models that worked so well together and something that as a solo game developer I could work towards


What Tools are you using to create your game?

I use unreal engine and blender. I also use free meshes and materials from online to build out the levels before I design my own

What do you think makes a good game?

A good game is something that you really start to appreciate when you make your own. It’s hard to find out what makes the mechanics and environment fun for the player.
Personally I think a bit of challenge is what makes a good game, whether you’re stuck on a puzzle or struggling with the combat, without the challenge I don’t feel rewarded after completing it

What has been the biggest challenge for your game been so far?

The biggest challenge is biting off more than you can chew! Everybody wants to make the perfect game with all the mechanics that you want and amazing level design. However I wish I had set lower goals as I’ve constantly had to chip back some of the aspirations otherwise I’d never finish


What games are your biggest influences?

Slime ranger, Jak and daxter and Zelda BOW were all important either in mechanics or visuals

What's the biggest reward in being an indie game dev?

Spending ages on a mechanic or level that you just can’t figure out how to do it and then finally you try something new and it all works! It’s such a satisfying feeling and makes all the struggles of the last couple of days worth it

What Indie games are you excited for this year?

Turnip boy and tea cups. Love the art style and can’t wait to try them out


Anything else you would like to add

If you’re getting started in game development in New Zealand I’d love to hear from you. I only started about a year ago and have already learnt so much, but would have loved to have someone to talk through the little things

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