Interview HYTEK94 Emitters - Survival Drone Invasions

Today’s interview is with game dev HYTEK94 for their game Emitters – Survival Drone Invasions. I will be conducting these quick interviews to help support small Indie Dev’s and also inspire new ones to hopefully help them on their journey to creating their first game! If you would like to be interviewed please feel free to contact me!

What is the name of your current game your working on?

Emitters – Survival Drone Invasions

Game dev / Studio Name or Names?


Game Genre?

FPS – First Person Shooter

Tell Everyone A Bit about your game & How did you come up with the idea?

I just started with the basic first person template from Unreal Engine and I m pushing it as far as I can ahaha. so started learning UE4 with basic enemy sphere floating shape but it wasnt realistic so I learn more about drones and know I m addicted to it too outside of the game xD

What platforms are you planning to release on?

PC, Linux is live but planing Mac and a Mobile version one day

What inspired the art direction and feel of your game?

– “I robot” (movie) for the story; – “5th Element” (movie) for the stones power weapon (which they are now batteries to fit the game) for the game mode; – “BladeRunner2049” (movie) and “Distance” (game) for overall dark art and game events; – “Oblivion” for Enemies and Bosses;
Emitters - Survival Drone Invasions
Emitters - Survival Drone Invasions

What Tools are you using to create your game?

I’m using “advanced grass blueprint” from a youtube video I also used DoNavigation for drones flying system but not anymore
and some Sci-fi asset from the store

What do you think makes a good game?

Level design, gameplay mechanics, and understandable art for enemies perceptions, gameplay speed, and overall game branding 😉

What has been the biggest challenge for your game been so far?

dealing with frustration when you learning all from scratch.
Emitters - Survival Drone Invasions
Emitters - Survival Drone Invasions

What games are your biggest influences?

Call of Duty for gameplay feel for sure, and Distance for Story art

What's the biggest reward in being an indie game dev?

getting people interested and creating friendships.

What Indie games are you excited for this year?

mine every month ahaha!
Emitters - Survival Drone Invasions
Emitters - Survival Drone Invasions

Anything else you would like to add

Please all follow and share my stuff I really appreciate the help!

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