Interview Lec Leofric Games - Claws & Tears: The Rise of The dark throne

Today is my first interview with game dev Lec Leofric Games for their game Claws and Tears – The Rise of Dark Throne. I will be conducting these quick interviews to help support small Indie Dev’s and also inspire new ones to hopefully help them on their journey to creating their first game! If you would like to be interviewed please feel free to contact me!

What is the name of your current game your working on?

Claws and Tears – The Rise of Dark Throne

Game dev / Studio Name or Names?

Lec Leofric Games

Game Genre?

Epic Fantasy – Sci Fi – JRPG

Tell Everyone A Bit about your game & How did you come up with the idea?

Aksel, the main character, wakes up in a Lab in form of a lion, memory loss and fighting for his life…He wants to discover who he really is and who made this abnormally with him. On this journey, he is going to find other friends to join his party and help him to complete his fate.

The idea came a long time ago. I would like to create a story about somebody who changed his life completely because of some external factors and impossible to come back. I would like to be on a big journey with new friends that are going to be his new family, a mentor and a lot of emotional scenes

What platforms are you planning to release on?

Starting with PC, Mac and Linux (Steam) and future plans for XBOX,PS and Switch

What inspired the art direction and feel of your game?

The Final Fantasy VII and Phantasy Star worlds. Lord of Rings and The Hobbit books and films. Also Star Wars world.

Societies in different regions of the planet, with exclusive behaviours, myths and characteristics. Desert, Dark Mountains, Waterworld, Farms, Open Fields, Forests, Islands and Ice.


What Tools are you using to create your game?

For the game programing, we are working with Godot Engine, but Blender, GIMP and Aseprite are other tools for 3D conversions and some 2D pictures.

What do you think makes a good game?

It is a very general question because lots of factors can affect a good game, but to get one of the main points I would choose the Narrative Design. RPG can’t survive without an amazing player experience, with an intense story, character connection and emotional scenes. All story, dialogues, scenarios must send continuous visual messages to the player making unconscious immersion inside the game world.

What has been the biggest challenge for your game been so far?

The biggest challenge is to find time (but I make it anyway: a minute, an hour or more per day. I am a very focused person :-)). But there are other challenges like resources for things I am not good with (3D Character Modeling/Animation and Music/Sounds). It is not strictly necessary now, but I understand will be a bottleneck for the team in the future if we don’t find partnerships.


What games are your biggest influences?

Final Fantasy VII (Playstation 1 / PC) and IX (Playstation 1)
Phantasy Star I (Master System) and II (Mega Drive)
Breath of Fire I and Chrono Trigger (SNES)
Lunar I and II (Sega CD)

What's the biggest reward in being an indie game dev?

In my situation, it is the point of no pressure to complete any timeline as I have another full-time job and family so I can’t work all the time with the game. It became a very serious hobby. It is very satisfying to see what people say about the things we publish on Instagram. I hope to come soon with an amazing game to show to everybody, I am sure it will be Epic.

What Indie games are you excited for this year?

Eastward, 12 Minutes and Undying


Anything else you would like to add

Yes, I would like to thank all partners working with me in all projects we are developing (Claws and Tears – The Rise of Dark Throne (Steam), Claws and Tears – My First Adventure (Android/IOS) and The Adventures of Jeeko – lost in the Darkness (Steam)). Instagram @3dassetlibrary / @joedickensongamedev, @gonvalhector, @mac_zelunder and @dex_gameartist.

Also, I would like to say I am on a new project to launch my School- Lec Leofric School with support classes for Game Developers and Designers, artists and related to this amazing world

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