Today’s interview is with game dev Mr Gaming Bear for their game Dead Man’s Island. I will be conducting these quick interviews to help support small Indie Dev’s and also inspire new ones to hopefully help them on their journey to creating their first game! If you would like to be interviewed please feel free to contact me!

What is the name of your current game your working on?

Dead Man’s Island

Game dev / Studio Name or Names?

Mr Gaming Bear

Game Genre?

RPG adventure survival

Tell Everyone A Bit about your game & How did you come up with the idea?

The game idea came after reading Treasure Island. I thought why not making a game about pirates and surviving on an island? Of course the idea is based on my own story on which I’m working at the moment. The written story will become a novel someday, if everything goes well. The plot includes pirate legends and mystery along creatures from the seven seas mythology.

What platforms are you planning to release on?

PC for now

What inspired the art direction and feel of your game?

The art was already something that I had in my head, but everything came together when I found the assets already made by Synty, a great digital art company with amazing assets. So, I bought the asset and started creating my own world. I’ve modified some of the models, thanks to my basic knowledge of modeling, and the story began to take shape.

What Tools are you using to create your game?

When I started with the idea I was determined to do it on Unity, but something made me change to Unreal Engine, and it has been a total win. I started the project in Unreal and I started learning about the engine and how it worked. Right now the project is quite advanced, after 6 months, taking into account that I’m learning how to use the engine and how to code on Blueprints at the same time as I develop the game.

What do you think makes a good game?

Story and energy. The story is crucial, even a simple story but with a catchy argument can become a great one. Have look at Minecraft, simple story and mechanics. The energy that you put into your project is also a very important. If you keep up the motivation all goes smoothly.

What has been the biggest challenge for your game been so far?

Learning how to use the engine and creating some new mechanics.

What games are your biggest influences?

It depends on what I’m creating, but Bioshock, Serious Sam, Super Contra, World of Warcraft are some of the games that I have enjoyed during my teenage days and they marked a great difference in terms of imagination.

What's the biggest reward in being an indie game dev?

The satisfaction of seeing your ideas taking life on the screen, plus the fact that people will get to enjoy my creation and maybe inspire someone else.

What Indie games are you excited for this year?

The Bloodline by Shieldbearer Studios.

Anything else you would like to add

Besides the game I’m working on solo, I’m developing another one with a friend. The game is called Clash of Splats and if you’re interested you can check out our Instagram clashofsplats.

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