indie Game dev interview with Bit Botz Games - Creator Of Space Runner

Today is my first interview with game dev Bit Botz games for their hyper casual game Space Runner. I will be conducting these quick interviews to help support small Indie Dev’s and also inspire new ones to hopefully help them on their journey to creating their first game! If you would like to be interviewed please feel free to contact me!

What is the name of your current game your working on?

Space Runner (working title)

Game dev / Studio Name or Names?

Bit Botz Games

Game Genre?

Hyper Casual

Tell Everyone A Bit about your game & How did you come up with the idea?

The current foundations of the story are as follows. You play an astronaut whose spaceship has a breakdown. He has travelled far from his home galaxy to find diamonds. A part of the spaceship has broken off. Therefore, the astronaut must land and find the part. (still a work in progress)

The controls consist of one button. The main priority of this button is to jump as the astronaut runs automatically. You can jump into jelly plants to stop the character or if you jump on the ground you lose diamonds.

I had the idea for this game because I wanted to make a simple hyper casual game. II was working on a very big game called ‘Heroic Jumpers’ which ended up a bit slow and I had to start a new project to curb my ambition. The idea was to make an endless runner game in the beginning but the game mechanics showed that the game should be more conventional with levels etc because the game mechanics would not stand on their own without some thought in how the game would be created.

What platforms are you planning to release on?

Android and Web browser. Also looking at PC and Switch.

What inspired the art direction and feel of your game?

For the art style I was very inspired by ZeptoLab. For the gameplay and idea generation I was inspired by Nintendo’s style of games.

What Tools are you using to create your game?

I’m currently using the Godot Engine to create the game using GDScript. I used to code in java and I’m very happy that I found Godot. For the art side of things I use Photoshop and for sounds I primarily use FL-Studio for its flexibility

What do you think makes a good game?

A good game should of course be fun and engaging. I think the controls should feel be tight and responsive to ensure it plays easily but not to easy it becomes boring. The player must have full control over the character and should not be difficult to control. The levels should be what creates the challenge for the player and it needs for me to have at least some kind of story/context to give it some meaning to keep the player entertained. I also think that the game mechanics need to be spaced out through-out the game to keep it feeling fresh

What has been the biggest challenge for your game been so far?

To find new fresh ideas and to move on and be satisfied with what I have already accomplished.

What games are your biggest influences?

Celeste and Super Mario.

What's the biggest reward in being an indie game dev?

The freedom to develop a game the way you want and to work on all areas like, graphics, gameplay, game mechanics, story, sound etc.

What Indie games are you excited for this year?

Most of them are zelda-like games but I have a feeling they won’t be out this year!

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