Country Town Vol 1

Country Town Vol 1

A Country style town with 100+ unique assets for Unreal Engine 4.20+. Most assets can have paint, moss or dirt turned on or off and the colors adjusted to help you achieve the setting you want!

After playing red red redemption 2 and loving it I decided to create a Country Town style pack that could be used for current day scenes or for a wild west setting (or anything in between. This took me just under 2 weeks as I wanted to create as much customization as possible for the users (also got a bit carried away creating things!). nearly all assets can have their materials changed via color, dirt, moss or paint (depending on the asset) and although I wouldn’t say its modular all pieces can snap together to create prefabs.

I really enjoyed making this and decided to landscape paint materials on to the ground which feel added a huge difference to the scene once I had done it and really helps bring things to life to give it a lived in feel

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