Skate Park Vol 1

Skate Park Vol 1

A Skate Park complete with over 40 unique assets for Unreal Engine 4.20+ and Unity 3D 2020

I decided I wanted to create a skate park and gave my self the small challenge of utilizing a lot of separate pieces to create prefabs for bigger pieces (for example the Fun boxes) this in turn would allow the purchasers to build there own skate parks with as much flexibility as possible for their game environments. I also added simple color adjustments for the ramps sides for extra customization.

I went looking for skate ramps, BMX ramps and anything I felt would suit the scene and used Pureref to store the images for reference and measurements to ensure I got the angles right on the ramps  (you don’t want to be skating in to the wrong angle as that would hurt!)

After I got all the ramp ideas in play I created a greybox pack inside blender using simple place holder assets to create the feel of the scene. After that I created more detailed versions, used Rizom for UVs and then imported them into Zbrush to get my high detailed maps for Substance Painter and then textured and lit the scene.

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