Cave Vol 1


A Fantasy style Cave with old ruins inside and out which includes over 40+ unique assets for Unreal Engine 4.20+


Cave assets for unreal engine is Fantasy style Cave with old ruins inside and out which includes over 40+ unique assets for UE4. Secondly, Most assets can have paint, moss or dirt turned on or off and the colors adjusted.

This asset pack would be ideal for example, capturing a large scale environment experience. It was designed to simulate a lost giant civilization but could very easily be adapted to what ever project you have in mind!

In addition, there are 17 prefabs to get you started and also give you ideas to help create bigger asset as well as well as landscape materials for dry mud, damp mud and wet mud and fire and water systems.

View a short fly through of the level over at my Youtube

Cave assets for unreal engine features:

  • Example Levels Included to get you up and running in minutes
  • 40+ unique meshes from rocks to mushrooms offering great flexibility and customization options
  • 17 Prefabs to get you creating quickly or maybe even help you create bigger ideas
  • Landscape Materials
  • Most Primary assets can have paint, moss or dirt applied
  • Great customization options
  • 3 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you run into problems with my packs and together we can’t fix it I will offer a full refund



Number of Unique Meshes: 
Collision: Yes – Auto
Vertex Count: 20 – 20,000
LOD: Yes – 3 manually set levels across all assets
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 65/51
Number of Textures: 190
Texture Resolutions: 256 – 2048


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