Fun Obstacle Course Vol 1


A fun obstacle course complete with over 25 unique assets for Unreal Engine 4.20+


Fun obstacle course for unreal engine complete with over 25 unique assets for UE4. In addition, There are prefabs to give you an example of how the individual pieces can be used together to create more complex assets.

Nearly all prefabs can have their colors changed to create even more flexibility within in your scenes!

Also Includes Example Level seen in the below video

View a short fly through of the level over at my Youtube


Fun obstacle course for unreal engine features:

  • 25 unique meshes offering great flexibility and customization options
  • Prefabs to get you creating quickly complete with movement such as moving pillars, propellers, see-saws and spinners
  • Colour’s can be changed on nearly every mesh using Material Instances giving extra customization.
  • Great customization options
  • 3 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you run into problems with my packs and together we can’t fix it I will offer a full refund



Number of Unique Meshes: 25
Collision: Yes – Auto
Vertex Count: 20+
LODs: No
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 50+
Number of Textures: 150+
Texture Resolutions: 512 – 2048


The steps to get it work on android are simple (Please note you will need to follow UE4s how to install android SDK on your PC before following this)

once the projects open

1 – Project Settings > Android >Configure Now button over the right >Accept SDK License

2 – Unticked “Enable Gradle Instead of Ant” (Not sure if this was just my phone that needed this) > Close project settings window

3 – Main Viewport > Settings > Preview Rendering Level > Mobile. I had to wait for it to build shaders which didn’t take long

4 – Then go to Launch at the top and click arrow next to it and select your phone (It will take a while while it converts it to your phone) Keep watching your phone as it will ask to install the pack and you have to accept it, if you don’t it will fail.

Important/Additional Notes:

To set the prefabs moving drag one of the prefabs from the Blueprints folder into your scene and in the details panel set the speed to your desired speed


If you run into any issues or need any help please contact me or leave me a question and I’ll get back to you with as much help as I can give. I would really appreciate it if you could do this before leaving a review 🙂

If you have any issues, suggestion or anything else please either leave me a question, an email or join my DISCORD channel.

Documentation: Help Files


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  1. TheMoejahi3d

    Awesome pack for some quick proto-typing! Seller is helpfull when you have some questions. Ps: you can easily swap the colors of the items! The example level is also really fun!

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