Knives & Grenades Vol 1


A set of Knives and Grenades with 10 unique meshes covering a variety of grenades and knives for Unreal Engine 4.20+


Knives and Grenades for unreal engine is a selection of 10 unique meshes covering a variety of hand combat weapons and grenades for Unreal Engine 4.20+

This pack would be ideal for example, in a combat based game like a first or third person shooter, a survival game, horror and many game types in between. However these could be used to dress a scene and nothing else!

In addition, These are controlled by a material instance which allows some great customization options.


Knives and grenades for unreal engine Features:

  • 10 Unique meshes for example, combat knives to smoke grenades offering great flexibility and customization options
  • Ideal for scene dressing and adding that extra bit of detail to help your projects come alive
  • Master Material for nearly all material instances allowing you to control all aspects of your material for example, colour, tilling amount, saturation and more
  • 3 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you run into problems with my packs and together we can’t fix it I will offer a full refund

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The Technical Stuff

Number of Unique Meshes: 10
Collision: Yes – Auto
Vertex Count: 5000 – 10,000
LODs: No
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3 /17
Number of Textures: 41
Texture Resolutions: 1048 – 2048
Unreal Engine version: 4.20+



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