Metals Vol 1 – 4K PBR


13 Unique 4K PBR Metal Textures Complete With Opacity Masks And Normal Maps


Metal materials for unreal engine includes 13 Unique 4K PBR Metal Textures Complete With Opacity Masks And Normal Maps. In addition, there is a simple dust modifier that adds dust to the metals for extra customization options!

Nearly all materials can have their colors changed via each material instances to allow you for example, change a steel from silver to red.

Please note: If you require lower resolution versions or a different rendering format of the textures please feel free to contact me and If I can help I will export you a lower resolution version. For this I will require proof of purchase first though 🙂

Metal materials for unreal engine features:

  • Master Material for nearly all material instances allowing you to control all aspects of your material for example, colour, tilling amount, saturation and more
  • Easy to use
  • 4k PBR Textures ensuring you have the best, crispest quality for your assets
  • Simple Dust Modifier
  • Base Color, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, Ambient Occlusion and Opacity Masks
  • 3 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you run into problems with my packs and together we can’t fix it I will offer a full refund



Number of Unique Meshes: 0
Collision: Yes Automatically generated
Vertex Count: 0
LODs: No
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 37 M / 37 MI
Textures: 75
Texture Resolutions: 4k Textures / Some 2048 Normal Maps
Supported Versions: 4.20+


If you run into any issues or need any help please contact me or leave me a question and I’ll get back to you with as much help as I can give. I would really appreciate it if you could do this before leaving a review 🙂

If you have any issues, suggestion or anything else please either leave me a question, an email or join my DISCORD channel.

Documentation: Help Files



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