Music Modules Vol 1


Music Modules for Unreal Engine is a selection of rack mount modules that can be used for example in music studios, TV and broadcast studios. With 14 unique modules for Unreal 4.25+


Music Modules for unreal Engine is a great selection of rack mount modules used for example in music studios, TV and broadcast studios. With 14 unique modules for Unreal 4.25+ it ensures you have a selection of unique modules to make your scenes stand out. In addition, Included are a selection of blueprint prefabs to get you quickly assembling sets for your scenes

In Music Modules For unreal engine nearly all lights can be turned on and off and all knobs can be adjusted and EQ faders can be moved to create more variation for scenes and above all, to help you achieve a more realistic environment when creating your projects.

Please note that although the rack lugs are separate from each mesh that are textured to be included on the main module. However, whilst these can be used without the lugs you may get slight imperfections where the lugs would be.


Music Modules For Unreal Engine Features:

  • 72 unique meshes (14 unique modules) ranging from patch bays, audio processors, synths and more offering great flexibility and customization options
  • 21 Prefabs to get you creating quickly or maybe even help you create bigger ideas
  • Master Material for nearly all material instances allowing you to control all aspects of your material for example, colour, tilling amount, saturation and more
  • 4k Textures for crisp, high quality materials
  • 3 Day Money Back Guarantee – If you run into problems with my packs and together we can’t fix it I will offer a full refund


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The Technical Stuff

Number of Unique Meshes: 72
Collision: Yes
Vertex Count: 1000 – 50,000
LOD: Yes – 3 Levels
UVS: Mixed
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 9/77
Number of Textures: 228
Texture Resolutions: 512 – 4096
Unreal Engine version: 4.25+



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